Azorult Stealr 3.4 Cracked

Azorult Stealr 3.4 Cracked


Azorult Stealr 3.4 Cracked


Styler of saved passwords from:
Mail clients
• Outlook
• Thunderbird
FTP clients
• Filezilla
• WinSCP
IM clients
• Pidgin
• PSI Plus

Crypto wallet stealer:
Anoncoin, Armory, BBQcoin, Bitcoin Core, Bytecoin, Craftcoin, DashCoin, Devcoin, Digitalcoin, Electrum, Fastcoin, Feathercoin, Florincoin, Franko, Freicoin, GoldCoin, I0coin, Infinitecoin, Ixcoin, Junkcoin, Litecoin, Luckycoin, Megacoin, Mincoin, Monero , MultiBit, Namecoin, NovaCoin, Phoenixcoin, PPCoin, Primecoin, ProtoShares, Quarkcoin, Tagcoin, Terracoin, Worldcoin, Yacoin, Zetacoin

Stiller for Skype messages
Stiller for Telegram cookies, which can be used to access the account
Stiller of Steam client files (ssfn + vdf )
Ability to take a screenshot while the stealer is running (screenshot)

Powerful file grabber:
– Ability to specify starting directories for search
– Filter by file name mask
– Filter by file size
– Processing subfolders
– Processing shortcuts
– Exceptions

Collecting system information:
– List of installed programs and their versions
– Tree-like list of running processes
– Information about the processor, video card, RAM, screen resolution, keyboard layouts, timezone, username, computer, OS version

Built-in loader :
– After sending the report, it can download and run the specified file. The

required functionality can be turned on / off in the admin panel

Admin panel
– Installed on your hosting
– Has various filters in the list of reports and passwords.
– Ability to download a report from the machine, which is a zip archive with data

Additional functions
– Stiller can restart on behalf of the user, if launched on behalf of the system
– Self-removal after sending a report (enabled in the admin panel)
– Support for .bit domains
– Possible assembly in dll

Whatsapp +79017473945
jabber: [email protected]

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Azorult Stealr

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