Eagle Monitor Rat Cracked

Eagle Monitor Rat Cracked


Eagle Monitor Rat Cracked

Fast, lightweight & easily customizable remote access tool written in C#. Consider this as an upgrade of HorusEyesRat which was written in VB.NET.

Depencencies :

MRG.Controls.UI (UI)
XanderUI (UI)
Siticone.UI (UI)
dnlib (builder)
Newtonsoft.Json (configuration)
BouncyCastle (file manager encryption/decryption) : https://www.bouncycastle.org/
Compression : http://www.quicklz.com/download.html
RSM : https://bhf.im/threads/438711/
Load native dll and pe : https://github.com/schellingb/DLLFromMemory-net
WebCam : inspired by AsyncRat

Features :

Supports DNS (No-IP for example)
Encrypted & Compressed Communication with RSM
Packet Serialization
Stub only 28KB and easily encryptable
Installable in task scheduler
Confirurable with JSON
Multi listeners
MultiThreaded & Parallel
Mass & On connected tasks
Passords Recovery
History Recovery
Wifi passwords recovery
Automatic saves recovery
Process manager
Kill Proc
Suspend Proc
Resume Proc
Change Windows Title
Minimize Window
Maximize Window
Show Window
Hide Window
Delete File
Download File
Launch File
Upload File
Rename File
Encrypt File -> +- 25 algo (symmetric)
Decrypt File
Remote Desktop
Hide & Show Desktop Icons
Hide & Show Taskbar
Change Wallpaper
Execute Dll native in memory
Execute native PE in memory
Execute Shellcode in memory
Execute Managed dll in memory
Disable Mouse
Disable Keyboard
Get Privileges [Se] -> see logs to check if the privilege has been gotten.
WebCam Capture
Log out

Notes :

UI Bugs
Dark theme in construction
Need to improve & finish logs system
No more options will be added to the builder. If you want more, you will have to do it yourself.
If you want to build the solution, please use only release mode. I configured it to directly build plugins next to Eagle Monitor.
For stub and some plugins, depencies are put inside with CosturaFody.
New features I will probably add : keyloggers, get system details, set client’s priority….

Download Eagle Monitor RAT

Eagle Monitor RAT Download

Eagle Monitor RAT Cracked Download